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ingrown toenailsThe big toe is the one that is most often affected by ingrown toenails. This condition occurs when the nail grows into the flesh, rather than following its usual path. This can be quite painful and may lead to serious infections—especially in diabetics. If you have diabetes, see a podiatrist near you in Chicago at the first sign of an ingrown toenail. You’ll receive professional treatment and guidance on how to prevent the problem in the future.

For example, most ingrown toenails occur because of improper grooming practices. You might be in the habit of clipping the nails too short, or of clipping them in a rounded, half-circle fashion.

Instead, clip the nail straight across. Another risk factor of ingrown toenails is wearing shoes with a toe box that is too small. This can cause the nail to be pressed into the flesh as it grows.

An ingrown nail is more likely to become infected if bathing is neglected. Wash your feet daily, and inspect them for signs of damage as you do so.

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