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Chicago’s Sports Injuries Treatment

Staying active is a great way to maintain your health and enjoy time spent together with friends or family. However, sports injuries that affect the feet or ankles require individualized attention and time to heal before you get back in the game. At Advanced Foot Care Center, our podiatrists offer comprehensive foot and ankle care for injuries and fractures, heel pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, foot fungus, an Achilles tendon injury, ingrown toenail treatment and hammer toe in Chicago, IL.

Common Injuries

Sports injuries can affect experienced and inexperienced athletes alike. If you suffer a foot injury ankle injury, or Achilles tendon while exercising or playing sports, your podiatrist can help you diagnose and treat the injury for a fast and healthy recovery.

  • Sprained ankles are one of the most common types of sports injuries an athlete is likely to encounter. Although a sprained ankle may seem like a minor injury, evaluation by your foot doctor is important to determine the best course of treatment for healing and to prevent re-injury.
  • Stress fractures are tiny fractures that affect the bones of the feet; these injuries are typically due to overuse or poor-quality equipment. If you experience swelling, redness, and bruising of your foot, contact your podiatrist for an evaluation.
  • Heel pain due to plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation of the band of tissue that runs along the underside of your foot. Treatments include plantar fasciitis exercises and custom orthotics; surgery is only needed in severe cases.

Preventing Injuries

Whether you have never suffered a foot injury or are recovering from sports injuries, a sprained ankle or fracture, future injury prevention is an important part of your total health and wellness. You can reach an experienced podiatrist in Chicago for more information about treatment for plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, heel pain, and other common sports injuries by calling Advanced FootCare Center at 773-472-1882.

  • Old, damaged, and ill-fitting footwear is a leading cause of foot injuries, particularly during physical activity. Make sure your footwear is in good shape and fits properly. Always replace your shoes once they show signs of serious wear.
  • Regardless of your chosen sport, take time to focus on building strength and flexibility in your lower body. Stronger muscles and more flexible ligaments will help to prevent many types of foot and heel pain or injuries.
  • If you feel pain in your feet or ankles, stop exercising or playing. Many athletes exacerbate injuries because they continue to “play through the pain,” rather than listening to their bodies.
  • When starting a workout program, take it slow and build your way up to longer and more intense activities. Trying to do too much at once is a common cause of injuries.

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