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diabetic neuropathyDiabetic neuropathy that affects the feet is a kind of peripheral neuropathy. The feet are often the first areas that are affected by neuropathy, and the symptoms can become severe without treatment. If you are experiencing foot pain near Chicago that includes weakness, numbness, and tingling, make an appointment with your doctor. Although neuropathy can’t be cured, your podiatrist can help you manage it so that it has less of an impact on your life.

Diabetic neuropathy affects the feet in a number of ways. You may experience numbness, burning, sharp pains, and foot cramps. The foot pain can become so intense that even putting a sheet on your feet when you go to bed can be intolerable. Diabetic neuropathy also lessens your ability to feel temperature and pain in your feet, so you are prone to burns and injuries that don’t heal. Balance and coordination may also be affected. Maintaining tight blood sugar control can slow the progression of neuropathy and reduce the impact of symptoms. Your podiatrist may also prescribe medications to reduce pain and improve your mobility.

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