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red nail polishIn Chicago, foot fungus is a common problem among people who frequently patronize nail salons. Fungal infections are easily spread from person to person via whirlpool footpaths and pedicure instruments, and once you’ve contracted the infection, it’s difficult to get rid of. The high risk of infections is why podiatrists often recommend the use of at-home pedicure kits instead. If you already have fungal toenails, you might be tempted to give your nails a quick swipe with nail polish to cover up the discoloration and deformed look.

Unfortunately, covering up toenail fungus with ordinary nail polish will only help the fungus thrive. Plus, no amount of nail polish can cover up the thickened, bumpy nails. Instead, see a podiatrist for professional foot fungus treatment. You could also use medicated, anti-fungal nail polish. Medicated nail polish shouldn’t allow the fungus to grow worse, and it may even help fight the infection. However, anti-fungal nail polish isn’t an effective substitute for proper medical care.

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