Heal & Arch Pain Orthodics in Chicago

Chicago Orthotics

It isn't normal to experience constant pain or discomfort while walking. If you feel a tinge of discomfort with every step, your foot or leg may be abnormally shaped. You don't have to live with that discomfort—if you enlist the help of a Chicago podiatrist, you can once again enjoy pain-free steps. The foot pain specialists at Advanced Foot Care Center have ample experience prescribing orthotics for patients in the Chicago area. Click here for more information about Footmaxx.

Common Types of Orthotics

Orthotics are special devices that can help cor rect irregular walking patterns. Most orthotics are made of a hard plastic or composite material, and are designed to fit in or on the patient's shoe. Here are few examples of orthotics and how they provide relief.

  • Arch Support: People with delicate arches often need additional support from their footwear. A custom-made orthotic device can provide ample support and eliminate cramping.
  • Heel Orthotics: Many people have one leg that is longer the other, which can lead to significant discomfort while walking. A cleverly designed heel lift can help even out any discrepancy in length. A heel orthotic can also help adjust the angle of an individual's step and reduce discomfort.
  • Ankle-Foot Orthotics: Orthotics are also great for regulating ankle movement. An ankle-foot orthotic usually extends from the bottom of the foot to the lower calf, providing greater ankle stability.
  • FootMaxx : A high-tech, proven & revolutionary diagnostics solution that provides an effient & supremely accurate assessment of patient pain points for relief & discomfort of the neck, upper & lower back, hip, knees, shins, ankles and, of course, those tired aching feet.

Reasons to Consider Orthotics

Orthotics are great for treating a wide range of irregularities, including fallen arches, Achilles tendon pain, and even knee pain. Here are just a few reasons why millions of people wear orthotics.

  • Absorb Shock: Some people have heavy steps that can cause severe discomfort over time. An orthotic device can absorb some of the shock, preventing joint problems from occurring.
  • Improve Balance: An unbalanced gait can increase one's likelihood of falling, which can lead to a wide range of injuries. The right orthotic device can provide greater balance and ease discomfort.
  • Reduce Pain: An act as simple as walking should not be painful. An experienced Chicago podiatrist can prescribe an orthotic device that corrects the abnormal positioning of your foot and ankle and reduces or eliminates pain. An orthotic device is always preferable to foot surgery.

The podiatrists at Advanced FootCare Center are proud to provide patients with well-made orthotics in Chicago, IL. If you've had any troubles with your feet or ankles, don't hesitate to set up an appointment. You can call our Chicago office at (773) 472-1882 if you have any questions about heel and arch pain.