Treatment of Broken Bones & Foot Fractures in Chicago

Mending Broken Bones & Fractures Since 1992

If you believe you fractured or broke your toe and/or foot, it is important to act quickly to avoid further damage. If you wait too long before seeking medical attention, broken or fractured bones can cause infections. Broken bones and fractures take time to heal, but there are treatments available to ensure your bones heal properly. Traumatic fractures can occur when you are involved in a severe accident, such as falling while playing a sport. Stress fractures are tiny hairline cracks that occur when constant stress is applied to the bone.

Symptoms of a broken or fractured foot bone or toe include:

  • Pain after normal activity
  • Pin-point pain
  • Swelling, but no bruising

The faster you address your foot and ankle concerns, the faster you can resolve them. Our doctors at Advanced Foot Care Center are certified and passionate about helping you. Foot and ankle injuries can cause problems throughout your life if not cared for properly the first time, so it is important to see an experienced Lakeview & Lincoln Park podiatrist. You deserve to participate in the activities you love!

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