How Orthotics Can Help Improve Your Balance

Podiatrists in Chicago recommend orthotics for many of their patients. These are inserts that slip into your shoes to correct the posture of your foot as you walk or run. If you have significant foot issues, such as flat feet, your podiatrist may suggest that you try custom orthotics. Orthotics gently put the feet and ankles into the correct alignment so that they are biomechanically sound. This allows the rest of the body to maintain proper biomechanics—from the legs up through the lower back. The result is a better sense of balance.

In addition, it’s possible for orthotics to correct balance and posture simply by addressing underlying podiatry conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. Patients with plantar fasciitis have sharp, stabbing pain in the heel. The pain can be quite debilitating, and patients may change the way they walk in an effort to mitigate it. This unnatural gait can throw an individual off-balance, and increase the risk of a fall. By treating the painful foot, orthotics can naturally improve balance, gait, and posture.

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