What to Do if You Twist Your Ankle

Twisting your ankle is always painful, but how do you know if you should see a podiatrist in Chicago for your injury? If you suspect that you could have a broken or sprained ankle, seeing your podiatrist as soon as possible will reduce the risk of long-term complications.

After you twist your ankle, pay attention to the symptoms you experience. If the pain begins to subside fairly quickly, elevating the ankle, putting ice on it, and resting it may be the only treatment you need. If the pain is intense, persistent, or worsens, however, you should have your podiatrist evaluate your injury. You should also see your doctor if swelling at the site of the injury is severe or if there is a deformity that could indicate a broken bone. Once your podiatrist determines the severity of the injury, he or she will recommend a treatment plan, which may involve the use of a compression bandage and crutches as well as rehab. In rare cases, surgery may be necessary.

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