Reducing the Risk of Ankle Injuries When Jogging

Sprained ankles are among the most common sports injuries treated by foot doctors in Chicago. If you have ever suffered an ankle sprain, then you may know that these injuries are both painful and frustrating, especially when they interfere with your training. If you’re a jogger and want to avoid suffering sprained ankles and similar injuries, then there are several simple steps that you can take.

First, you should always warm up before you begin jogging, as with any other physical activity. Second, choose athletic footwear that fits well, offers support, and is designed for your sport. When selecting your shoes, look for pairs that are made specifically for your foot type and remember to switch to a new pair of jogging shoes once the tread or heels wear down. Third, avoid stepping or running on uneven or unstable surfaces. Lastly, listen to your body and stop jogging if you experience pain or if you are still recovering from a previous ankle injury.

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